In Japan there are more than 30 thousands suicides every year. This number is bigger than this earthquake's victims. But we don't recognize fully about that. In spite of we should discuss about that similarly, those suicides are hidden socially. In our society death is not close to us and unrealistic. In this earthquake we saw huge number of death at one time. So relatively we think fully about the life, "living". Needless to say, the donation and the cleaning voluntary are important, we need to think about our live from now.

It's our project for our living.



    Establishing the BaseCamp of touching "HeartQuake" project with local farmers.
    HEARTQUAKE Association
  • ARABAMA Cafe
    Establishing the place whoever can come together, with good food and heartful guys.
    Media Surf Communications Co.
  • disaster area tour
  • volunteer tour


think about food

  • Farm Camp
    Contributing to reconstruction through food, providing cooked rices and vegetables, and bottles of waters.Inviting kitchen cars periodically. Also reconstructing the agricultures on the salt damaged firm.Managing the heritage vegetable farm and the botanica garden.
    NPO Farmers Market Association
  • Fishery Reconstruction Fund


think about living

  • Reconstruction Carpenters & Sons project
    Starting from the renovation of Endo Farm (BaseCamp place), new style renovating project of carpenters and young assistants.
    Flow Stone Industry Co.
  • Post Magnitude 9.0 -Mirai no SUMIKA -a house for the future- project
    Using Wisdom from all time periods and countries to create a house for the future.Unprecedented disaster that occurred 3.11/2011 gave us horrible destruction of many lives and constructions. At the same time, we realised that beautiful nature is still surrounding us. Given that situation, it may be the time to reconsider our living customs and houses.This Project is an experiment of house with cheap and comfortable. The house you can live at least 3years and costs up to $1000. To reconsider the house of the future, we use our wisdoms...
    Mirai Institute Co.


think about transportation

  • Road of Hope to Tohoku
    Starting from the renovation of Endo Farm (BaseCamp place), new style renovating project of carpenters and young assistants.
  • Road of Hope to Tohoku
    To Tohoku, Hopeful bicycle ride! To Tohoku after the Tohoku Earthquake, We go up and do voluntary and look straight at that situation. Aspireing for the bike-friendly society taking over the bicycle transportation which have a good efficiency of energy. Hoping for the next bicycle society in Tohoku. 
    Pedal Life design Co.


think about philosophy

  • Wakabayashi Campus of Freedom University
    Delivering a lecture in the disaster area with young local people. Giving the lecture of reconstruction and recovering farms, and Providing the place where we think and discuss about the reconstruction. Even more collecting and matching informations of jobs in disaster area, and producing and enrooting new jobs.
  • Barrack Museum
    Constructing a barrack made museum designed by a famous architect. Taking young artists to the disaster area where is one of the world's most advanced, and let them make arts as a communication tool and a object representative of jointing efforts. And Presenting an exhibition by the young gallerist's curation. Otherwise Making objects by garbage for souvenir and distribute them in the museum shop.
    Tokyo Gallery


think about energy

  • denuclearization・next generation project


think about amusement

  • FESTA moving cinema
    Delivering smiles and sensations to the Tohoku people by cinemas from HQBC. (Mr. Lee Bong)
  • Book Wagon for children by J.S. Foundation
    Book Wagon for children by J.S. Foundation.
  • documentary short film festival
  • summer festa of reconstruction support